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Village of AsharokenThe small but powerful Village of Asharoken
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Details about our own Police Department, Sanitation Services and contracted Fire Department coverage are provided below. Also below we have provided information about how to dispose of items other than what is accepted by Asharoken sanitation services.
Asharoken Police Department:

Pictured from left, are Officers Mitch Bank, Jim Cox, Jeff Josephson, Mike Tetro, Officer-in-Charge Ray Mahdesian, Alex Rubino, Mike Magerle, Dennis Magerle, and Brian O'Connor. Not pictured, Officer Sidney Lynn.
Image: Steve Silverman
Pictured from left, are Officers Mitch Bank, Jim Cox, Jeff Josephson, Mike Tetro, Officer-in-Charge Ray Mahdesian, Alex Rubino, Mike Magerle, Dennis Magerle, and Brian O'Connor. Not pictured, Officer Sidney Lynn.
Our Asharoken Police Department was formed in 1926. Today, our department has grown to eleven officers, five patrol vehicles, and a police boat. The number of officers on duty per shift varies, depending on the day and time of year. The boat is in operation from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day, patrolling our Asharoken waterways.

The department is supervised by the Officer-in-Charge, under the direction of the Commissioner of Police and a Deputy Commissioner. Asharoken is a well-protected village, with a near-zero crime rate. Contributing to this accomplishment is an aggressive program to check on houses and grounds. The omnipresence of police patrols on village roads, 24 hours a day, adds to maintaining the highest level of highway safety, as well as providing a visible deterrent to criminal activity.

The Department can be contacted at (631) 261-7400. Our Police also respond to 911 emergency calls.
Fire Department Contracted Coverage:

The Northport and Eaton’s Neck Fire Departments are currently contracted to provide emergency fire and ambulance services to the residents of our Village. The services from these two departments are split based upon geographic boundaries, with the Eaton's Neck Fire Department covering the Morgan Estate and the Northport Fire Department covering the rest of our Village.

Both of these Fire Departments offer professional volunteer capabilities that include state of the art equipment, rigorous training and certification requirements, and Advanced Life Support certified ambulance services. Advanced Life Support certification allows the ambulance technicians to administer life saving medication and use advanced medical equipment.

Both of these departments have a large contingency of men and women that volunteer their time and efforts to support our community. There are also agreements between all Huntington Fire Departments to provide a ‘mutual aid’ response, where one will assist another if additional manpower or equipment is required.

Click to learn more about the:  Northport Volunteer Fire Department and the Eaton's Neck Volunteer Fire Department.
Sanitation Services and Regulations:

Asharoken staffs its own sanitation service. Generally, regular trash is picked up each Monday and Thursday. Recyclables are picked up each Wednesday.

UPDATE: Yard Debris Pick-up Program continues in 2016: In 2011 the Village initiated a pilot program to pick-up Yard Debris materials once a month in the Spring through the Fall. Eligible for pick-up are leaves, bundled branches, gardening debris and pruning materials--no grass clippings. Scroll down for more details about how to participate. Refer to the online calendar for exact dates and exceptions near holidays.

Yard debris pick-up dates in 2016 are: May 3, June 7, July 12, August 2, September 13, October 4 and November 1 (all are Tuesdays).

The following guidelines should be used to properly separate your trash, recyclables and yard waste:

INCLUDERegular trash in durable covered containers weighing no more than 50 pounds. The 38 gallon Roughneck blue refuse container is the preferred container. Trash or recyclables should be curbside by 8am on the day of collection.
NOTE: Please do NOT purchase or use containers with PERMANENTLY ATTACHED lids! These containers are too heavy and cannot be dumped into the truck.
DO NOT INCLUDEElectronics: computers, peripherals, fax machines, cable or satellite receivers, game consoles, etc. These items are to be recycled at the Town of Huntington Recycling Center (see below for more information about the two recycling/refuse centers in our area).

For a printable list of recyclable items, click here.
For a handy printable flyer on recycling, click here.

INCLUDENOTE: All food and product containers must be rinsed/cleaned before being recycled

PAPER: All colors and types of unwaxed paper including office paper, junk mail, catalogs, cards, magazines, newspapers, envelopes, folders, printer, non-metallic wrapping paper, hardcover books (covers torn off please), paperbacks, waxed cartons (juice, milk, etc.). Shredded paper only if placed in clear plastic bags.

CARDBOARD: Paperboard boxes, corrugated boxes (flattened), egg containers, food boxes (including cereal and pizza boxes), frozen food packaging, shipping boxes, shoe boxes. All plastic or Styrofoam packaging and inserts must be removed.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS: Labeled with recycling numbers 1 through 7: detergent/ bleach/ softener bottles, juice bottles, milk jugs, soda and water bottles, wide-mouthed containers such as cottage cheese/ margarine/ mayonnaise/ sour cream/ yogurt containers, drinking cups, empty prescription bottles including lids and caps.

RIGID PLASTICS: Milk/soda crates, buckets, laundry baskets, plastic lawn furniture, plastic drums, coolers, plastic flower pots, watering cans, large water bottles, pallets, pet carriers, shelving, closet organizers, unwanted garbage cans.

GLASS CONTAINERS: Bottles and jars.

METAL: All types of metal including beverage and food containers, aluminum foil, pie pans, tin, steel, iron, etc.

AEROSOL SPRAY CANS: Must be empty. No spray paint cans.
DO NOT INCLUDECat litter, ceramic items, chemicals, durable cookware, contaminated paper products, drinking glasses, dry cleaning bags, food waste, garbage, hangers, household hazardous waste, light bulbs, needles/syringes/sharps, oil cans, paint and paint cans, plastic or ceramic plates, plastic bags, plastic utensils, plastic wrap, plate glass or mirrors, Styrofoam, waxed paper, yard waste. These items should go into your regular trash.

All Yard Debris must be placed in CLEAR plastic leaf bags. No more than eight bags will be picked up per household on each pick-up day. Please place your bags out the morning of the pick-up date at the end of your driveway.
INCLUDELeaves, bundled small branches, gardening debris, pruning materials.
DO NOT INCLUDEGrass clippings, stumps, large branches, dirt, lumber. Note: Grass clippings may be brought to the Town of Huntington Recycling Center at a fee of $1.50 per bag (see section below for more information).

Recycling stickers are available from the sanitation truck operator, and from Village Hall between 9am and 2pm.


The Town of Huntington operates a Resource Recovery Plant (recycling center), which accepts a wide variety of materials not taken by our Village “Big Blue III”. Of note, this includes all manner of electronic items (known as “e-waste”) such as: old computers, monitors, printers, televisions, VCR-, DVD-players…well, you get the idea. They also accept old cell phones; which are reconditioned and given to battered women’s shelters. Grass clippings are accepted at a fee of $1.50 per bag.

They also accept BBQ propane tanks, bulk metal, and have areas for the disposal of paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and styrofoam.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30am-4:00pm; located at 641 New York Avenue in Huntington; telephone: 631-427-6377. Advice: best to call ahead to verify they’re open and to discuss what you have.

There is another refuse center, known as the Resident’s Drop Off Site, which is shared with the Town of Smithtown. Located at 85 Old Northport Road in Kings Park (tele: 631-269-6600), open Tuesday-Saturday, 7am-3:30pm. The facility accepts construction/demolition debris, yard waste, appliances and recyclables. It is best to call ahead to discuss what you have to determine the days and hours your refuse is accepted.

On the subject of recycling: don’t forget the library has receptacles for used household batteries and unwanted eyeglasses (the latter are given to the needy).

Recycle plastic shopping bags: recently, the Suffolk County Legislature passed a local law that requires large supermarkets to provide a recycle bin in the doorway to accept returns of plastic shopping bags. So, when unpacking your purchases at home, insert all empty plastic bags within one another for an easy return to the store.

For more details on the web:

Town of Huntington
Town of Smithtown
and is radio-dispatched by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department.