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Asharoken is located on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. Asharoken.com provides details on current events in and around Asharoken, lists upcoming Village meetings, provides access to the minutes of past meetings, supplies an array of online forms and permits, and much, much more.
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Village of AsharokenThe small but powerful Village of Asharoken
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Asharoken New York Asharoken, NY 11768
Asharoken Village Hall Plaque   Asharoken Village Hall

  1 Asharoken Avenue
  Asharoken, NY 11768
  (631) 261-7098
  EMERGENCY: Dial 911

  Asharoken Police: (631) 261-7400
  Fire / Ambulance: (631) 757-1111

To read archived Mayor's Messages, click here.

Village tax bills for 2017/2018 were mailed on May 10.

The next yard waste pickup will be Tuesday, June 6.

Blessing of the Fleet on Saturday, June 10 begins at 11am at the Northport Village Dock.

** Check our News & Notices section for local area events (and events at both Public Libraries). **

Asharoken Water Ski Permit Application Updated:

A new Water Ski Permit Application for the 2017 season is now available. Wakesurfing in Duck Island Harbor or within 1500' of any Asharoken shoreline is now explicitly prohibited. To view and print the new application, click on "Government" above, then "Permits & Applications", or click here.
LEGAL NOTICE: ZBA Public Hearing:
May 23

On Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7:30pm the Asharoken Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing at Village Hall to consider one application requesting a special use permit. Click here to read the full legal notice.
LEGAL NOTICE: Village Tax Notice 2017:
Taxes Due June 1, without penalty by July 3

The Village of Asharoken tax bills for the 2017/2018 fiscal year were mailed on May 10, 2017. Village taxes are payable once per year. The Village Clerk will receive payments from June 1, 2017 to July 3, 2017 at Village Hall from 9am until 3pm daily except Saturday, Sunday and Legal Holidays, or by mail to One Asharoken Avenue, Northport, NY 11768. Click here to read the full notice.
Board of Trustees Meeting June 6

The next meeting of the Asharoken Board of Trustees will be held Tuesday, June 6 at 7:30pm at Village Hall.

The last meeting of the Board was held May 2. Click here to read the draft agenda for that meeting.

To view the full schedule of Board of Trustees meetings, click on "Government" above, then "Trustees Meetings" or click here.

Except as otherwise noted, all Board of Trustees meetings are held at 7:30pm at Asharoken Village Hall, 1 Asharoken Avenue, Asharoken, NY. Work session meetings are held at 3pm. All meetings are open to the public.
April, May 2017 Meeting Minutes Online

The following meeting minutes of the Asharoken Board of Trustees are now online: Minutes are posted on this website as they become available. Contact the Village Clerk if you have any questions. Archived minutes, as well as the full Board of Trustees meeting schedule, can be found by clicking on "Government" above, then "Trustees Meetings" or click here.
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

May 10, 2014

Dear Neighbors:

Santa visits Asharoken!
At the May 2 Board of Trustees Meeting, Carole Casamassima and Linda Letica were presented proclamations for their outstanding fundraising efforts to help support the Village's annual 4th of July fireworks event.

Carole has been organizing the "Save the Fireworks" committee since 2010 and has raised over $50,000 through raffles sold at the annual Asharoken Holiday Parties. Linda has been organizing the "AVT Shirts" committee since 2013 and has raised funds by offering a line of Asharoken clothing. This year "Save the Fireworks" donated $7,500 and "AVT Shirts" donated $1,000. Together these two donations cover the total cost of the barge and tugboat needed for the fireworks display.

I would like to thank Carole and Linda for their efforts as well as all the residents of Asharoken who have generously supported our Asharoken fireworks tradition. This year our fireworks event will take place on Tuesday, July 4 at approximately 9:15pm, and our rain date will be July 5.

Finally, to all the moms I wish a very Happy Mother's Day! I hope you enjoy your special day.

Mayor Greg Letica
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

April 21, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

Tomorrow is Earth Day which began in 1970 as an annual event to celebrate the planet's environment and raise public awareness about pollution. As a seaside community we have benefited greatly over the years as public concern for the environment has resulted in cleaner water and beaches. In the spirit of Earth Day I have two suggestions that we can consider to help make the environment even better.

The Village's single stream recycling program has been a success but I am sure we can do more. I encourage everyone who is not recycling to start as soon as possible and for those who regularly participate to become even more diligent. In March of 2015 the Village partnered with the Town of Smithtown and began Single Stream Recycling, which has benefited the Village in two ways. First, single stream recycling lowers our trash tonnage. Second, there are no tipping fees for our recyclable materials. Click here to view a copy of the recycling guide to help you realize just how much trash can be recycled. All of your recyclables can be comingled in one bin and are picked up every Wednesday.

Additionally pollution of the oceans, especially plastics, is a serious problem. Living by the shore you can help alleviate this problem by occasionally picking up all of the plastic and other trash that washes up on the beach.

We are all very lucky to live in such a wonderful place and everything that we can do as a community to get greener is to everyones benefit.

Wishing you a nice weekend,
Mayor Greg Letica
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

April 10, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

I would like to wish everyone who is celebrating Passover a very happy holiday!

On Friday, April 7th Deputy Mayor Pierce and I met with Supervisor Petrone and Congressman Suozzi to discuss the sea wall and Bevin Road intersection. The meeting was very productive and is tentatively scheduled to be continued on May 5th.

Enjoy your holiday!

Mayor Greg Letica
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

April 7, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

On Tuesday the Village Board adopted the budget for 2017-2018. The budget has a 0% tax increase and is the second consecutive budget without a tax increase. For the last five years the average annual tax increase has been 1.35%.

This afternoon Deputy Mayor Pierce and I are meeting with Congressman Tom Suozzi and Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone to commence a unified effort to get the seawall area fixed. Pam and I will be taking the Congressman and Supervisor down to the seawall for a site visit and review the history of the area.

Finally, the Village has received, as of yesterday, 46 enthusiastic responses to Trustee Laura Burke's idea to construct a kayak rack at Village Hall. Trustee Burke will continue working on the proposal based on your interest.

Wishing everyone a great weekend,
Mayor Greg Letica
Message from Trustee Laura Burke:

April 6, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

The Board of Trustees is considering the idea of building a small kayak rack behind Village Hall for the use of our residents. We felt it would be especially nice for those residents who do not have water access. Before we proceed, can you please let us know if you support this idea. We will await your feedback before making a final decision. Please respond to my village email address lburke@asharokenny.org .

Thank you,
Laura Burke
LEGAL NOTICE: Village Elections:
June 20, 2017

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Asharoken, at a meeting held on January 10, 2017, duly adopted the following resolution:

Be it Resolved that the Village Board, does hereby approve in accordance with the provisions of the Election Law of the State of New York, the 2017 Annual Village Election in the Village of Asharoken shall be held on June 20, 2017, and be it further resolved that the offices to be filled at said election and the terms thereof are as follows:

Trustee, two (2) years
Trustee, two (2) years

Be It resolved that the polling place will be held at the Village Hall, 1 Asharoken Avenue, Northport, NY 11768 during the hours of 12 noon to 9:00 pm, subject to change.
2016 Property Tax Freeze Credit

The Village has received several inquiries on the issuance of tax freeze credit checks. Beginning in the Fall of 2016 the NYS State Department of Taxation and Finance began mailing out these checks. They are mailed out on an individual basis, not per Village or Township. Residents within various villages and townships may receive their tax credit checks at different times. Tax freeze checks are still being processed and continue to be mailed out. You can call the NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance at 518-453-8146 to check on the status of your check.
New Village eMail Address:

Please add nrittenhouse@asharokenny.org to your contact list for future emails. The Village will continue to use the existing rittenhousevc@gmail.com for updates until we are certain that all residents are receiving emails from the new Village email address. Thank you for your patience. Click here for the email addresses of Village officials.

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