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Village of AsharokenThe small but powerful Village of Asharoken
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Asharoken New York Asharoken, NY 11768
Asharoken Village Hall Plaque   Asharoken Village Hall

  1 Asharoken Avenue
  Asharoken, NY 11768
  (631) 261-7098
  EMERGENCY: Dial 911

  Asharoken Police: (631) 261-7400

  Fire / Ambulance: (631) 757-1111

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LEGAL NOTICE: ZBA Public Hearing:
February 13

On Monday, February 13, 2023 at 6:30pm the Asharoken Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing at Village Hall to consider two applications.
Message from Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica:

January 20, 2022

Dear Neighbors:

Last Friday, Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce and I had the pleasure of welcoming the Village's new Congressman Nick Lalota and its new State Senator Mario Mattera to Asharoken. We had a very productive meeting that was focused on the condition of the seawall and what Congressman Lalota and Senator Mattera could do to assist the Village. We conducted a site visit as well which reinforced the point that the seawall needs immediate attention. It was clear to Pam and I that both men left with a complete understanding of how badly the wall needs repair. They assured us that they would do all they could to aid the Village.

During our monthly Board meetings, Officer-in-Charge Ray Mahdesian often speaks about the rise in automobile-related crimes. Although so far Asharoken has been spared any auto or catalytic converter thefts, everyone should park their cars in the garage if available and if not, try to park in a well lit area and always lock the doors. If you see anything that you consider suspicious, please call our police department at 631-261-7400 immediately.

Recently, a resident who lives on Duck Island Harbor did a mini beach clean-up and was amazed at how much plastic garbage she picked up in a rather small area. She brought this to my attention and asked me to let you know just how much plastic waste is washing up on our shorelines. To that end, I would ask, if you are able to do so, occasionally take a few minutes to clear your own beach of any plastic debris. It’s beneficial for the environment and improves the appearance of the Village overall.

I close with a photo I took yesterday morning at sunrise. The saying "Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailor's delight” could not have been more true. The rest of the day was a total washout.

Have a great week and let's go Giants!
Mayor Dr. Gregory Letica
Trustees Meeting February 7

The next regular meeting of the Asharoken Board of Trustees will be held on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 6:30pm.

The previous meeting was held January 17. To view the full schedule of Board of Trustees meetings, click on "Government" above, then "Trustees Meetings" or click here.

Except as otherwise noted, all regular Board of Trustees meetings are held at 6:30pm at Asharoken Village Hall, 1 Asharoken Avenue, Asharoken, NY. Special/Work Session meetings are generally held in the afternoon. All meetings are open to the public.
November, December 2022 Meeting Minutes

The following meeting minutes of the Asharoken Board of Trustees are now online: Minutes are posted on this website as they become available. Contact the Village Clerk if you have any questions. Archived minutes, as well as the full Board of Trustees meeting schedule, can be found by clicking on "Government" above, then "Trustees Meetings" or click here.
LEGAL NOTICE: Annual Financial Statements,
Fiscal Year Ending May 31, 2022:

Message from Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica:
The 2022 Asharoken Year in Review

December 30, 2022

Dear Neighbors:

Linda and I would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy and safe new year. We hope that you had a terrific Hanukkah and Christmas.

As we ring out 2022, I thought you might be interested in a recap of some of the things that were accomplished or took place in Asharoken this year.

  • Secured $1,000,000 of federal funding for seawall repair
  • Milled, repaved and striped Asharoken Avenue from Village Hall to 285 and from 350 to 501
  • Rebuilt the beach lot dunes with 2000 cubic yards of sand
  • Constructed catch basins and drywells to control street flooding at 103-105 Asharoken Avenue, Thanks to Trustee Ian Jablonski for overseeing this project
  • Sold the old garbage truck
  • Negotiated a new four-year contract with the Asharoken PBA
  • Adopted the 2022-2023 budget which did not raise taxes for the seventh consecutive year
  • Received grant approval of $50,000 from Legislator Keith Brown for the seawall and $100,000 from Senator Jim Gaughran to repave Bevin Road
  • Submitted grant requests for two $1,000,000 Hazard Mitigation Grants and a BRIC grant in the same amount
  • Adopted a law to regulate beach fires. This was spearheaded by Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce and Trustee Laura Burke. Adopted an amendment to the existing tree removal law
  • Purchased a new outboard motor for the police boat and got the vessel back on patrol. Thanks to John Rittenhouse who located the motor for the Village
  • Had National Grid place their required triennial 45,000 cubic yards of sand on the LI Sound side beach
  • Ordered a new police car thanks to Trustee Mel Ettinger
  • Placed identification numbers on all of the beach lots under Trustee Ian Jablonski’s leadership
  • Grew and placed about 5000 oysters into Duck Island harbor. Thanks to Emergency Manage Bill Raisch for conceiving and executing this project
  • Saw construction begin or continue on 6 new houses in the Village
  • Welcomed Michelle Glennon as the new Village Clerk, Mike Elsas as Zoning Board Chair, Paul Boronow as Justice and Tara Ryan as the Village’s first female Associate Justice
  • Said goodbye to long time Village Clerk Nancy Rittenhouse, Justice Mark Kleczka, Associate Justice Stan Somer, Police Officer Dennis Magerle, Zoning Board Chairman Russ Matthews, and especially Village photographer Steve Silverman. Thanks so much for the amazing job you all did for the Village
  • About 12 new families moved into the Village
  • I observed 122 species of birds during the year nearly setting an annual record
As you can see it was a very busy year.

Wishing you a great holiday weekend,
Mayor Dr. Gregory Letica
Message from Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica:

December 28, 2022

Dear Neighbors:

I am happy to announce that Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Tom Suozzi were able to include a $1,000,000 earmark for seawall repair in the recently-approved federal appropriations bill. I have been working closely with both offices over the last six years to obtain funds to improve the wall. It is terrific news that at last we were able to secure it. As more details become available, I will let you know.

Best Regards,
Mayor Dr. Gregory Letica
Message from Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica:

December 27, 2022

Dear Residents & Property Owners:

It saddens me to announce that Steve Silverman, the Village photographer, passed away suddenly last week. Steve chronicled many important Village events. Among his favorites were the fireworks on July 4th and Santa and Mrs. Claus’s visit, including last Sunday’s visit. Before he passed, Steve kindly sent me some amazing family pictures he took of my granddaughter Valentina visiting with St. Nick for the first time. It is a memory I will always cherish. My condolences go out to Steve’s family. He was always smiling and I will really miss him.

This weekend the Village had one of the most dramatic storms that I can remember. The temperature dropped from 54 degrees on Friday 7 AM to a low of 8 degrees on Saturday at 7AM. The wind gusted up to 60 miles an hour and in 24 hours clocked 180 degrees from due east to due west. And lastly, there was an incredibly high tide on Saturday morning which occurred without the benefit of a strong northeast wind. A wild weather day indeed.

At the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd, at 6:30pm a public hearing will be held on proposed local law (1-2023) to allow the Board of Trustees to override the NY State 2% tax cap. This has been the first step in the budget process for the last eleven years. The proposed local law (1-2023) gives the Village financial flexibility without the constraints of an arbitrary tax limit imposed by NY State. Passage of this law provides a safety net should unexpected expenses arise, or revenue shortfalls occur prior to finalizing the budget. The board is in the initial phase of preparing the 2023-2024 budget. I would like to stress that adoption of the override law should not be interpreted or assumed to mean that the board intends to have a tax increase above the 2% threshold. We must finalize the assessment roll, determine the projected revenues and expenditures, and develop a realistic budget for the next fiscal year. It is in the best interest of the village to adopt the law with the hope and expectation that it will not be needed.

Since I was elected Mayor 11 years ago the average annual tax increase has been 0.86% and there hasn’t been a tax increase for the last 7 years. Unfortunately, the current inflationary environment may dictate a tax increase for fiscal year 2023-24. Fortunately, the Village has a long history of fiscal conservatism. The Board and I will do our best to develop a budget that provides for all of the necessary services for the Village while at the same time minimizing any tax increase.

If you are unable to attend the public hearing but would like to provide written comments you can email them to mglennon@asharokenny.org. Written comments will be read during the hearing and be a part of the public record.

Best Regards,
Mayor Dr. Gregory Letica

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